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Berlin Based New Wave Duo "PARDON MOI" seamlessly blends modern electronics with a classic 80's New Wave feel, producing memorable danceable hits. Get the full package of every release, including every remix, instrumentals, demos, huge savings on physicals and merch as well as our eternal gratitude for supporting "PARDON MOI" in a direct way. These Quotes show the scene agrees:

"Brilliant, like a lost 80's gem". - Tronik youth / London
"Amazing". - Kezokichi / Tokyo
"Addiction is Killer!"- Id!r/ Mange_Moi / Paris
"Inside The Outside Is The Thing"- Curses / New York
"Will get some heavy rotation in my sets the next months." - Italo Brutalo / Munich
"Usually I don't say this a lot. But... This is Massive" - Low Manuel / Venice
"Super fit collaboration, I love it !!! - Phred (La Dame) Noir / Marseille
"Can't get these tunes out of my head - they are so catchy!" Rich Lane / Newcastle

So long, thanks for all the affection.
Pardon Moi Loves You.

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Berlin, Germany
Berlin Based New Wave Duo featuring British producer/song writer James Brook &
German producer/dj Thomas Freudenthal.

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